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With our Application Management Service (AMS), we take care of the daily tasks involved in the operation of our customers' platform solutions - especially with regard to global ServiceNow® platforms. 

Our cross-project expertise and maximum transparency in our approach are the basis for a successful and trusting partnership.

In an increasingly data-driven world, the classic methods and tools for handling IT operations are no longer sustainable.

With our IT Operations Management services, we support our customers in modernizing and transforming their IT operations and help them to reach the next level of automation.

With our services for Legal Operations Management, we support corporate legal departments in unleashing the power of automation for legal workflows and mastering the digitalisation of corresponding legal operations - from strategic consulting to implementation and operation.

In our joint venture smartvokat Trusted Quality, we bundle legal management and technical expertise for this purpose.

With our services in the area of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), we support our customers in better aligning their project management with the corporate strategy and in making project work more efficient overall - regardless of whether it is carried out according to classic or agile approaches. 

With Service Management as a Service (SMaaS) we take care of the daily tasks in the operative IT service management of our customers.

This way we make your internal staff available to work on important projects and urgent changes, while you can rely on a reliable service management basis.

Our experienced employees will lead you, detached from rigid theory and individual frameworks, to a modern Enterprise Service Management.

Our experts in Enterprise Solutions support your transformation to digitized service processes based on the market-leading Enterprise Service Management platform ServiceNow. We help you from the definition of the roadmap through the solution architecture and successful implementation to the stable application management and operation in a DevOps approach.

We help our customers to meet the constantly growing requirements for compliance, data protection and information security with appropriate concepts, processes, services and technical solutions. In doing so, we consider both your possibilities and framework conditions as well as the formal requirements.

We put our customers in a position to anchor the right and affordable measures in the organization from the multitude of possible and necessary measures.

Digital Services Advisory

The orientation of the value chain towards the customer is becoming more and more important with increasing digitalization. 

This is often accompanied by changes to the company's own infrastructure and the introduction of new technologies, the optimization of processes and the adaptation of its own organizational structure.

Our specialists in Digital Services Advisory support your digital transformation to a tailor-made solution so that you can take full care of the needs of your customers.

Typical customer requirements

Requirements are not implemented on time

Companies have to react faster and faster to customer requirements. The introduction of new services or the adaptation of existing services must take place in ever shorter cycles; the volume of changes is constantly increasing.

Often the own organization poses a challenge.

Rigid corporate structures and silo thinking mean that tasks within the value chain are only processed sequentially. The possibilities of parallelization and reorganization are often overlooked.


From a business perspective, IT services must be available 24/7 365 days a year. Innovations in the applications must be implemented promptly in the overall context. Thus, the availability of applications as well as the automation and shortening of release cycles are among the essential requirements on the part of the company.

Our approaches

The ITSM Group offers you a holistic approach. Starting with the needs of the customer or specialist area through to performance, we keep an eye on your value-added chains. This means that no local adjustments are made at the expense of the overall process.

Our specialists in Data Center Transformation support your digital transformation to a tailor-made data center or cloud strategy with highly available and fully redundant orientation.

For the analysis of the initial situation, we have developed a procedure based on our projects that enables us to tackle frequent challenges in a structured manner:

  • How mature are the processes involved in the provision of services and their interfaces?
  • Where are there discrepancies in performance perception between the various stakeholders and why?
  • How is your organization prepared for the adaptation of agile methods?
  • How are the necessary applications built, can they be seamlessly and friction-free transferred into new environments?
  • How sustainable is your current IT infrastructure?

In addition to the structured results, this procedure provides concrete proposals and options for action to master your challenges.

Together with you, we create awareness for new topics among your employees. For this we use business simulations, such as "The Phoenix Project" by Gamingworks, or individual workshops.

How can we support you?

Tobias Beckmann

Head of Digital Services Advisory