With our services in the area of Agile & IT Service Management we support our customers in the optimal alignment of the structural and process organization and digitize and automate common tasks in service management - according to classic, agile or hybrid methods.

Make your business more responsive and flexible with agile approaches, create more business value for you and your customers and win with a faster time to market.

With our experience in integrated ITSM and DevOps environments, Scrum/Kanban and strategic focus on scaling agile, iTSM Group is the ideal partner for agile practices and organisational transformation. 

With our services in the area of Customer Service Management (CSM), we help service organisations to work in a customer-centric and efficient way.

With "AI"-based self-services, you enable your customers to interact mobile, efficiently and 24/7, while your service agents have all customer-relevant information available centrally - in every process step, across departments and up-to-date at all times.

With our services in the area of Governance, Risk and Compliance, we help our customers to meet the constantly growing compliance requirements from information security, data protection and risk management with suitable concepts, processes, services and technical solutions. 

In this way, we put our customers in a position to sustainably anchor the right and affordable measures in the organization from the multitude of possible and necessary measures.

In an increasingly data-driven world, the classic methods and tools for handling IT operations are no longer sustainable.

With our IT Operations Management services, we support our customers in modernizing and transforming their IT operations and help them to reach the next level of automation.

With our services for Legal Operations Management, we support corporate legal departments in unleashing the power of automation for legal workflows and mastering the digitalisation of corresponding legal operations - from strategic consulting to implementation and operation.

In our joint venture smartvokat Trusted Quality, we bundle legal management and technical expertise for this purpose.

With our services in the area of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), we support our customers in better aligning their project management with the corporate strategy and in making project work more efficient overall - regardless of whether it is carried out according to classic or agile approaches. 

With our Application Management Service (AMS), we take care of the daily tasks involved in the operation of our customers' platform solutions - especially with regard to global ServiceNow® platforms. 

Our cross-project expertise and maximum transparency in our approach are the basis for a successful and trusting partnership.

With our services in Business Process Management, we support you in setting up, optimising and digitising the processes of your organisation, train and coach your employees for process-oriented thinking and automate individual process steps or entire workflows on the basis of various solutions.

With the combined expertise of experienced consultants and educational professionals, we offer digital learning formats that are tailored to your needs. These include interactive learning experiences, knowledge nuggets and context-specific learning formats.

With the iRESC application, we offer crisis teams and emergency managers a tool to overview and solve risks and problems in extraordinary situations.

Our workflow application simplifies the reporting of events and provides your staff with action plans for crisis management: easy to handle and automated in its control.

ServiceNow® as a Service is the ideal product for a quick entry into the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises: We take care of the setup and configuration of your ServiceNow® environment, map your processes there, and enable tailoring to individual needs without long-term contractual commitments.

With Service Management as a Service (SMaaS) we take care of the daily tasks in the operative IT service management of our customers.

This way we make your internal staff available to work on important projects and urgent changes, while you can rely on a reliable service management basis.

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a globally recognised framework for implementing IT-Service Management.

In our ITIL® training courses for v3 and ITIL® 4 you will learn the processes, organisational structure and tools necessary for operating an IT infrastructure and can become officially certified according to the globally valid standard.

PRINCE2® (Projects in Controlled Environments) is a process-oriented method for project management that is based on best practices.

In our PRINCE2® training courses, you and your colleagues learn the framework for successful projects and concrete recommendations for action for each project phase. In addition, you can also take an exam and receive your PeopleCert® certificate of the international standard right away. 

ServiceNow® is a provider of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) for enterprise service management.

In our ServiceNow® training courses, you will gain experience in using the software and learn how to map and optimize your work processes in ServiceNow®. As an authorized training partner of ServiceNow®, we also offer you the official certification.

Learn about the possibilities of ITIL®, PRINCE2® and DEVOPS in your company through playful simulations. Experience a fictitious space flight or increase the productivity of a pizza delivery company. In the process, many typical problems encountered in IT organisations become visible.

In our practical workshops, competent trainers support your organisation in integrating theoretical frameworks and software know-how into everyday practice.

Together with you, we develop solutions for the introduction, advise on the concrete design of processes

Our online training courses prepare you digitally, diversely and efficiently for your certification.

In the basic training courses for ITIL®, PRINCE2® and Security Awareness, you will be familiarized with the content with the help of case studies and quizzes and chapter questions - all you need is a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection.

Challenge of Egypt™ (Classic & Agile)

Your benefits

  • Interactive consolidation of PRINCE2® or Scrum
  • Team building for classic or agile project organisations
  • Trainer with many years of practical experience
  • Optimising project management using your organisation as an example

Via project simulation to project management - classic or agile

With our Challenge of Egypt™ simulation workshop, you and your employees will learn how to deal with project management methods in a playful way. We offer the simulation workshop in two different versions: "Classic" based on PRINCE2® or "Agile" based on Scrum. Using the example of pyramid building, you will learn how common project management situations can be countered. Thus, the simulation is ideally suited to combine the creation of a common knowledge transfer with team building aspects.

In the course of several game rounds, the interactive workshop teaches the most important aspects of methodical project management and simulates the construction process of a pyramid. Participants take on different roles and learn to use common project control tools and to manage events and risks in order to lead the project to its goal. Success becomes visible in the simulation: the pyramid is really built (albeit somewhat smaller than in Egypt).

Scenario - Classic

We are in ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh asked the Chairman of the Steering Committee to build a pyramid to secure his journey to the afterlife. This is essential for his eternal existence. The steering committee assigns a project leader and a project team to carry out the project. The team has to deal with all kinds of events and setbacks to keep the project within scope, quality, budget and time.

This requires managing work packages, managing risks, managing tolerances and all the other best practices and processes of project management. But be prepared. Pharaoh comes with different issues and has different ideas that may affect the project.

Scenario - Agile

We are in ancient Egypt. The pharaoh wants to secure his life after death and meets with the high priest. There is a workshop with a team of experts (architects, risk experts, quarry experts, Nile experts and construction workers), they interview the Pharaoh and create a list of products.

Based on this, the team will decide which products they can develop in the first sprints and work through them step by step. Even if the Pharaoh's requirements change, the team will treat all products according to the AGILE principles.

Most of the agile training focuses on theory and only some small exercises. Managing Agile projects means managing the dynamics. It requires interactions with all project stakeholders. The roles of traditional project management roles are changing. There needs to be more teamwork, communication and integration.

For whom is the training suitable?


Project managers, project teams, team leaders, managers of all levels


Project managers, project teams, team leaders, managers of all levels as well as product owners, scrum masters, dev. teams

Die Ziele der Simulationsvarianten

Aims - Classic

The simulation is tailored to your own specific needs and learning objectives. In general, the main objectives are to:

  • Learn how to apply project management best practices and learn the essence of PRINCE2®, PMI®, PMBOK®.
  • Learn how to ensure that the business case is realised.
  • Learn how to remain customer focused and set the right priorities based on customer requirements.
  • Develop communication and team skills.

Aims - Agile

The simulation is tailored to your own specific needs and learning objectives. In general, these are the main objectives:

  • Learn how to apply agile principles and processes.
  • Learn how to rapidly create customer value in a dynamic environment.
  • Learn how to work together in a team within an agile project.

Benefit and procedure (Classic & Agile)

Your benefits

  • Explore project management best practices and how to use them effectively
  • Increase project performance and value creation on the client side
  • Understand project roles and dependencies
  • Get more out of your project management training, translate theory into practice
  • Optimise teamwork and identify areas for improvement in project management and implementation
  • Everyday problems are not only made visible, but solution approaches are already developed within the simulation


Day 1 – 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

9.00 - 12.00: Introduction and start of the simulation

12.00 - 13.00: Lunch break

13.00 - 16.00: Continuation of simulation

16:00 - 17:00: Feedback round and evaluation

Our methodology: learning through play

The participants are placed in a real project situation and have to implement the goal together as a team using the various method cases. In this way, the various aspects of starting a project are simulated realistically in a simulated kick-off phase.

Participants are placed in real project situations (e.g. problems and conflicts) via event cards.

Between the individual phases of the simulations, the knowledge gained is discussed and recorded in the group through reflection and feedback.

Games, fun, excitement and humour are also allowed...

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