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With our services in the area of Agile & IT Service Management we support our customers in the optimal alignment of the structural and process organization and digitize and automate common tasks in service management - according to classic, agile or hybrid methods.

With our Customer Service Management (CSM) services, we help service organizations to work in a customer-centric and efficient way.

With "AI"-based self-services, you enable your customers to interact mobile, efficiently and 24/7, while your service agents have all customer-relevant information available centrally - in every process step, across departments and up-to-date at all times.

With our services in the area of Governance, Risk and Compliance, we help our customers to meet the constantly growing compliance requirements from information security, data protection and risk management with suitable concepts, processes, services and technical solutions. 

In this way, we put our customers in a position to sustainably anchor the right and affordable measures in the organization from the multitude of possible and necessary measures.

In an increasingly data-driven world, the classic methods and tools for handling IT operations are no longer sustainable.

With our IT Operations Management services, we support our customers in modernizing and transforming their IT operations and help them to reach the next level of automation.

With our services for Legal Operations Management, we support corporate legal departments in unleashing the power of automation for legal workflows and mastering the digitalisation of corresponding legal operations - from strategic consulting to implementation and operation.

In our joint venture smartvokat Trusted Quality, we bundle legal management and technical expertise for this purpose.

With our services in the area of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), we support our customers in better aligning their project management with the corporate strategy and in making project work more efficient overall - regardless of whether it is carried out according to classic or agile approaches. 


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With Service Management as a Service (SMaaS) we take care of the daily tasks in the operative IT service management of our customers.

This way we make your internal staff available to work on important projects and urgent changes, while you can rely on a reliable service management basis.

With our Application Management Service (AMS), we take care of the daily tasks involved in the operation of our customers' platform solutions - especially with regard to global ServiceNow® platforms. 

Our cross-project expertise and maximum transparency in our approach are the basis for a successful and trusting partnership.

With our experienced management consultants from the Future Service Enablement division, we develop our own answers to the Enterprise Service Management of the future and help our customers to profitably use the possibilities and advantages of digitization in their own business and service processes.

Our experienced employees will lead you, detached from rigid theory and individual frameworks, to a modern Enterprise Service Management.

With the combined expertise of experienced consultants and educational professionals, we offer digital learning formats that are tailored to your needs. These include interactive learning experiences, knowledge nuggets and context-specific learning formats.

ServiceNow® as a Service is the ideal product for a quick entry into the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises: We take care of the setup and configuration of your ServiceNow® environment, map your processes there, and enable tailoring to individual needs without long-term contractual commitments.


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PRINCE2® (Projects in Controlled Environments) is a process-oriented method for project management that is based on best practices.

In our PRINCE2® training courses, you and your colleagues learn the framework for successful projects and concrete recommendations for action for each project phase. In addition, you can also take an exam and receive your PeopleCert® certificate of the international standard right away. 

ServiceNow® is a provider of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) for enterprise service management.

In our ServiceNow® training courses, you will gain experience in using the software and learn how to map and optimize your work processes in ServiceNow®. As an authorized training partner of ServiceNow®, we also offer you the official certification.

Our online training courses prepare you digitally, diversely and efficiently for your certification.

In the basic training courses for ITIL®, PRINCE2® and Security Awareness, you will be familiarized with the content with the help of case studies and quizzes and chapter questions - all you need is a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection.

Agile & IT Service Management

Faster delivery times, closer integration of operations and development, a focus on customer needs - complex challenges for many of our customers.

We support you in the optimal alignment of your organizational structure and process organization and digitize and automate common tasks in service management - according to classic, agile or hybrid methods.

Smooth, transparent and flexible service processes

To ensure that the IT organization provides the best possible support for the business processes in its company, the perception of customers - internal and external - must be the central driving force. For them, the quality of the overall service offering carries more weight than the individual product. The service offering should be visible and comprehensible, and it should be provided by a service provider who works in partnership, delivers its services quickly and with reproducible quality, and responds flexibly to changing conditions.

As an IT service provider, you are therefore faced with the conflicting demands of effectiveness and efficiency as well as short-term change requests. Often together with the demand to realize this with an agile attitude and agile practices.

The iTSM Group supports its customers in organizing the value streams and practices with proven methodical procedures from IT Service Management. This creates a basis on which different departments can work together in a well-interlocked manner and automation potential can be tapped.

By taking a holistic view of strategy, organizational development, processes and technology, we prepare the path for detailed implementation with alignment to the big picture.

We provide support in these areas

We support you in various topics of IT service management, both in business and technical consulting and implementation. Here you will find a selection:

Service Catalogue Management

Present your IT services to your customers and improve customer relations and service orientation. With the Service Catalog, you can also optimize the source-based allocation of costs and revenues and form the basis for a business impact analysis.

Optimize ITSM core processes

Trim your processes to meet changing business requirements and free yourself up for further development.

Improve incident management, problem management, change management, and request fulfillment while easing the burden on your operational service management.

Establish configuration management

As a virtual image of IT, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and the associated data form the basis for the optimal functioning of other service areas and organizational models. Whether operational efficiency, value orientation, optimal service catalog, automation, DevOps or agile service management - all depend on a valid database.

Value Stream Mapping

Create lean, efficient and comprehensive value streams by identifying and eliminating waste, bridging process and tool gaps and organizational silos. With the value stream analysis, you focus the flow on value creation and prepare the basis for efficient processes, automation, DevOps and continuous integration & continuous deployment, among other things.

Value Management

Our approach to value-based planning and management of digitization initiatives, born in practice, helps you to make investments in a targeted and value-creating manner.

Based on your individual strategic objectives, our experts work with you to develop a concrete roadmap for the step-by-step transformation of your service management organization, taking into account the key levels - processes, technologies, people and partners. 

Support at various levels of IT service management

Instead of only working with you on local, technical optimizations in a tool, we prefer to work with a holistic approach. By this we mean a vertical slice through the topics in your organization and how they influence and take into account each other - the dimensions Value Streams & Processes, People & Organization, Technology & Information as well as Partners in the respective levels:

  • Your organization's values and strategy determine which provide guidance and concrete options for action
  • Develop appropriate stakeholder engagement and organizational model
  • Implement functioning value streams and processes that define the transition from organizational structure to process organization
  • Systems, functions and tools that support a smooth flow in the value stream

Using a variety of proven methods and process models, we help you to do the right thing and obtain concrete action steps for implementation. We will not leave you alone with the implementation, but will gladly accompany you until the successful operationalization of the jointly set goals.

ITSM & aSM mit ServiceNow®

By using the ServiceNow® platform, you create the optimal capability for high-performance and versatile service management. And much of it already works out of the box and forms the basis for the digitalization and automation of your services.

Deliver scalable, ITIL®-based services that will significantly increase both your company's productivity and your employees' satisfaction. Through the support of automated workflows and innovative tools, such as the CAB Workbench, the handling of ITIL® based process steps by your employees is significantly simplified and improved.

Integrated dashboards and analyses, which provide you with usable information in real time, give you transparency over all implemented processes and services.

As an Elite Partner of ServiceNow®, iTSM Group is a first-class address for the implementation and preparation of your ITSM solution based on ServiceNow®.

Service Management as a Service

With the services in Service Management as a Service (SMaaS) we take care of the daily tasks in the operative IT service management of our customers.


Application Management Services

With our Application Management Service (AMS), we take care of the day-to-day operations of our customers' Enterprise Service Management platform solutions - such as global ServiceNow® platforms.

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Enterprise Service Management

Our experts for Enterprise Service Management support you in the digitization and networking of the relevant business processes. 

With us, you can master your digital services and processes that make work faster and give your company a real competitive edge.


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