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With Service Management as a Service (SMaaS) we take care of the daily tasks in the operative IT service management of our customers.

This way we make your internal staff available to work on important projects and urgent changes, while you can rely on a reliable service management basis.

In an increasingly data-driven world, the classic methods and tools for handling IT operations are no longer sustainable.

With our IT Operations Management services, we support our customers in modernizing and transforming their IT operations and help them to reach the next level of automation.

With our services in the area of Project Portfolio Management (PPM), we support our customers in better aligning their project management with the corporate strategy and in making project work more efficient overall - regardless of whether it is carried out according to classic or agile approaches. 

Our experienced employees will lead you, detached from rigid theory and individual frameworks, to a modern Enterprise Service Management.

Our experts in Enterprise Solutions support your transformation to digitized service processes based on the market-leading Enterprise Service Management platform ServiceNow. We help you from the definition of the roadmap through the solution architecture and successful implementation to the stable application management and operation in a DevOps approach.

We help our customers to meet the constantly growing requirements for compliance, data protection and information security with appropriate concepts, processes, services and technical solutions. In doing so, we consider both your possibilities and framework conditions as well as the formal requirements.

We put our customers in a position to anchor the right and affordable measures in the organization from the multitude of possible and necessary measures.

With our experienced management consultants from the Future Service Enablement division, we develop our own answers to the Enterprise Service Management of the future and help our customers to profitably use the possibilities and advantages of digitization in their own business and service processes.

With the combined expertise of experienced consultants and educational professionals, we offer digital learning formats that are tailored to your needs. These include interactive learning experiences, knowledge nuggets and context-specific learning formats.


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Unser Schulungsangebot ist auch als "Virtual Classroom Training" verfügbar:

In einer Online Live Session führen unsere Trainer Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter zu offiziellen Zertifizierungen für Frameworks im IT-Service Management und Projektmanagement. Dabei stehen sie Ihnen während des Kurses persönlich und in Echtzeit für individuelle Fragen und Erläuterungen zur Verfügung.

Auf diese Weise gewährleisten wir den selben hohen Qualitätsstandard wie bei unseren Präsenzschulungen. 

Our Scrum seminars cover not only the basics but also further aspects such as optimizing and increasing team productivity as well as product development in an agile environment.

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

In an increasingly data-driven world, the classic methods and tools for handling IT operations are no longer sustainable. With our IT Operations Management services, we support our customers in modernizing and transforming their IT operations and help them to reach the next level of automation. Welcome to our ITOM Competence Center.

driven by data – powered by people

ITOM & AIOps in ServiceNow – why and how?

Every company or organization relies on some degree of IT Operations Management, whether it be automation, cloud operations, monitoring or managing infrastructure. Yet in a changing IT landscape of DevOps, public- & hybrid cloud, agile workstreams and faster time to market organizations find themselves struggling to keep up. Struggling to control the complexity of the traditional world of IT with new and modern ways of operating.

This is where ServiceNow ITOM & AIOps comes into the picture.


Raise your maturity with ITOM

Simplify the IT complexity

In an era of disruptions of various kinds, the enterprises need to be able to move faster than ever if they want to come out ahead. With on-prem infrastructure, legacy applications, cloud providers, DevOps & numerous tools this becomes a challenge.

The pressure is high on IT to deliver quicker, better and more reliable operations for every year in a complex environment – but how?

We help businesses simplify the complex and push IT productivity to the maximum.


Cost reductions & ROI

Through clever use of automation, centralizing data- & tools and increased operational efficiency organizations can make successful cost reductions with the help of ServiceNow ITOM.

Modern IT Operations platforms enable an organization to get better visibility, reduce manual work, help with decision making and create a more stable IT environment.

iTSM Group helps you achieve real cost reductions and ROI from introducing AIOps & ITOM.

IT as a business partner

The reputation for IT departments is unfortunately not as good as we wished. Busy fighting fire’s with little time to do anything else the IT department is viewed as a cost center more than anything else.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and by integrating new- and old technology in one solution IT becomes a business partner ready for the digital world.

We help IT departments free up time for innovation and allowing them to be more involved.

ITOM Portfolio

Cloud Management

Our certified consultants have experience in multiple cloud tools such as Amazon AWS, Azure, Terraform and many more technology stacks.

The success of a cloud management implementation in ServiceNow depends on how well an implementation partner understands the tools it integrates with. We are experts in both.

Event Management

ServiceNow Event Management is the “manager of managers” and can integrate with almost any monitoring solution. Bring in events- and alerts to make them actionable. Apply automatic fixes and rollbacks.

The ServiceNow platform helps to reduce the noise of events and makes staff able to focus on what is important and urgent.

Discovery & Service Mapping

Create a CMDB which supports traditional infrastructure, cloud, containers and tagging. Real-time updating information in one central place for different stakeholders and processes to use.

With the help of Service Mapping you can get full control of your IT services to decrease downtime, outages and slowness. Better change control, better impact analysis & better visibility into the IT landscape.

Anomaly Detection & Machine Learning

With the help of operational intelligence in ServiceNow you can analyze patterns from metrics, events and data. ServiceNow applies anomaly detection and machine learning to notice when something is not normal and behaving unexpectedly.

This way you detect problems before they become issues or use historic data to see what solutions worked or didn’t work.

iTSM Group as your implementation partner of ServiceNow ITOM

Specialized ITOM Partner

We are one of few specialized partners for ITOM- & AIOps in DACH. We deliver local experts to staff your projects in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Background in IT Operations

Our certified consultants and architects do not only have experience in ServiceNow ITOM but also in areas of infrastructure, monitoring, DevOps & cloud.  

Process- and strategic support

90% of unsuccessful ITOM projects do so because of the human factor. We build solutions with the people, organization and broader perspective in mind.  

Optimized delivery

Our delivery models are based on best practices from ServiceNow in combination with our efficient operating models & holistic approach. 


ITSM Group is also a training partners for multiple disciplines related to ITOM, such as DevOps, bootcamps and more. 

Certified resources

Our experts & consultants are certified in ITOM- & AIOps by ServiceNow together with other relevant certifications (DevOps, CCNA, ITIL). 

Our starter packages for ITOM

We offer you two starter packages to start modernizing and transforming your IT operations management.

These should show you the possibilities for ITOM and AIOps based on your IT structure, serve as inspiration for technical personnel and budget stakeholders and should enable you to make realistic and well-founded decisions on ITOM & AIOps for your enterprise.

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