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The iTSM Group is a holistic partner for the digital transformation of services and processes - from comprehensive consulting to implementation and operation.

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Aligning processes more closely with business objectives and ensuring the smoothest possible process organization, optimally complemented by digitization and automation of business processes - these are the strategic goals of our services relating to processes.

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We provide you with extensive support in setting up and reorganizing as well as in operating your service management, thus contributing to quality services that act as an effective interface between offer and customer.

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The Now Platform is a powerful tool for digitising and partially automating your processes and services.

Here you will find an overview of the various fields of application in departments and industries. 

As a ServiceNow® Elite Partner, the iTSM Group and its subsidiaries are one of the most distinguished consulting firms for the Enterprise Service Management platform in Europe.

Here you can find an overview of our ServiceNow® consulting services. 

We support you in setting up and implementing ServiceNow® Cloud SaaS correctly - with a holistic approach at various levels.

Get to know our services in the context of ServiceNow® implementation.

ServiceNow® as a Service is the ideal product for a quick entry into the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises: We take care of the setup and configuration of your ServiceNow® environment, map your processes there, and enable tailoring to individual needs without long-term contractual commitments.

Increase the acceptance and use of your service portal with user experience design - for more satisfaction and efficiency in the company.

In our ServiceNow® training courses, you will gain experience in using the software and learn how to map and optimise your work processes in ServiceNow®. As an authorised ServiceNow® training partner, we also offer you official certification.

Trainings for the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL® 4) - the globally recognized best practice model for implementing IT service management.

ITIL® 4 Foundation ITIL® 4 Foundation Plus

Training for the process-oriented method for project management, which is based on best practices.

PRINCE2® Foundation Online

Trainings on a variety of aspects of the cloud-based Now platform of ServiceNow®.

Operation of ServiceNow Customer Service Management Introduction Handling Scoped Applications Java-Script Coding in ServiceNow ServiceNow Asset vs. CI ServiceNow HR Workshop ServiceNow Best Practice Service Portal ServiceNow Reporting

Learn about the possibilities of ITIL®, PRINCE2® and DEVOPS in your company through playful simulations. Experience a fictitious space flight or increase the productivity of a pizza delivery company. In the process, many typical problems encountered in IT organisations become visible.

Apollo 13 Simulation Challenge of Egypt™ Grab@Pizza-Simulation ITSM around the World MarsLander® – an ITIL® 4 Simulation The Phoenix Project Simulation

In our practical workshops, competent trainers support your organisation in integrating theoretical frameworks and software know-how into everyday practice.

Together with you, we develop solutions for the introduction, advise on the concrete design of processes

Our online training courses prepare you digitally, diversely and efficiently for your certification.

In the basic training courses for ITIL®, PRINCE2® and Security Awareness, you will be familiarized with the content with the help of case studies and quizzes and chapter questions - all you need is a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection.

ITIL® 4 Foundation Online PRINCE2® Foundation Online

With the combined expertise of experienced consultants and educational professionals, we offer digital learning formats that are tailored to your needs. These include interactive learning experiences, knowledge nuggets and context-specific learning formats.


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Tips for the use and handling of ServiceNow®. Learn more about detailed questions regarding the use and optimization of the ServiceNow® service portal in short videos.



PRINCE2® vs. Scrum: Two Project Management Approaches in Comparison

The type of project management is of crucial importance for the success of a project, regardless of its size or complexity. In recent years, various project management approaches have evolved to meet ever-changing requirements. Two popular methodologies that are much discussed in the project management community are PRINCE2® and Scrum. In this article, we will compare both approaches and discuss their differences as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages.



PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based approach based on best practices developed by the UK Cabinet Office from the analysis of projects. The goal was to provide a comprehensive framework for project management that can be used to manage complex projects with many stakeholders. To this end, PRINCE2® provides a structured approach consisting of seven processes, seven themes and seven principles. It emphasizes the importance of clearly defining roles and responsibilities, planning, and risk management.



Scrum is an agile project management approach that focuses on flexibility and iterative development. It is based on the concept of rather smaller self-organized teams working in short time intervals called sprints. Scrum uses a list of requirements called a product backlog, and team members select those requirements to work on during each sprint. Scrum allows for quick adjustments to changing requirements and emphasizes continuous communication, such as in Daily Scrum, and collaboration within the team.


Differences between PRINCE2® and Scrum:

  1. Project scope and adaptability: PRINCE2® is suitable for large-scale projects that require detailed and long-term planning. Scrum, on the other hand, is better suited for projects where the scope may change over time and flexibility is required.

  2. Structure vs. agility: PRINCE2® provides a structured approach with clear roles and processes. Scrum, on the other hand, is more flexible and encourages self-organized teams and quick adaptations but also has some clearly defined roles that need to be filled in the team, such as the Scrum Master or Product Owner.
  3. Scalability: PRINCE2® can be scaled to large, complex projects by coordinating multiple teams. Scrum was originally developed for smaller teams, but can be applied to larger projects through frameworks such as "Scrum of Scrums".


When is what suitable?

PRINCE2® and Scrum are two different project management approaches with their own strengths and weaknesses. PRINCE2® is well suited for projects with clear requirements and a high level of control and documentation. Scrum, on the other hand, is suitable for projects where requirements may change over time and a high degree of flexibility is required.

The choice between the two depends on the requirements of the project and the preferences of the project team.

In some cases, hybrid approaches can also be used, where PRINCE2® and Scrum are combined to take advantage of both approaches. This allows for structured planning and control through PRINCE2®, while Scrum provides flexibility and agility in implementation.



In our PRINCE2® training courses, you will learn the framework for successful project management from trainers with practical experience.

You can also be tested and receive your PeopleCert® certificate of the international project management standard.

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